PVC Foam Jackets for Boiler Tanks
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Soft foam isolation for boiler tanks

Our company always developing new styles and knowhow in foam isolations is cooperating with companies producing boilers, water heaters, buffers, storage tanks for domestic and industrial use in both Greece and abroad, Italy, Poland, Balkans, Cyprus etc .

In the field of thermal insulation products and foam products:
We supply Pvc foil coated with foam for companies producing pvc foam isolations – jackets for Boilers, Buffer and storage tanks.
Supply rolls laminated with foam polyurethane (foam)PUR thickness of 5 mm in width 150 cm.

The adhesion, coating of the PVC film in foam rolls is made using flame (flame lamination) a technique which ensures that the final product has very good coating strength and durability.

We offer 4 standard RAL colors blue, red, gray, silver which meets the DIN 4102 class B2 and UV requirements .Also we can offer customized colors.

Final use: The pvc foam jacket with 5mm foam and zipper covers the molded hard PU foam as an exterior detachable jacket protecting and isolating the tank.